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Induction cooktops are the next big thing in the kitchen and they can transform your life. Burnt dishes and uneven heat are a thing of the past and these cooktops are as easy to clean as they are efficient.

Induction cooktops require only a fraction of the energy of traditional stove tops and they save you time, money, and effort. They're also safer to use with children, pets, or people with special dietary needs because they don't emit any harmful chemicals.

The Best 36 Inch Induction Cooktop is a sturdy, reliable appliance that keeps up with your busy life. With multiple features that make cooking easier for you, like automatic shut off timer and a convenient, easy-to-clean design, this cooktop will have you cooking with less hassle.

Review: Top 10 Best 36 Inch Induction Cooktops

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Product Description

  • Get blazing heat with the Frigidaire 36-inch Induction Griddle. Prepare delicious meals with your cook top and achieve golden results every time. Thanks to modern induction technology, your pans heat evenly every time because it transfers heat directly to the pans instead of the hob surface. Don't worry about spills with the cook top's easy-to-clean surface, as there's no chance of spills burning on the cool cooking surface. Adding to the convenience of your hob, automatic pan detection will detect the size of the pan and heat the required area without any additional intervention on your part. The cook tops are approved for installation on any Frigidaire single-wall electric oven, so cook like a pro with Frigidaire.

About this item

  • 36 in. induction cooktop from Frigidaire
  • Amazingly fast heat
  • Even heat distribution
  • Cooktop surface is easy to clean
  • Auto-sizing pan detection. Exterior - 21-3/8 D x 36-3/4 W x 3 5/8 H inches

About this item

  • 5 Boost Burners & Quick Cooking: This 36 inch electric cooktop with High-power induction heating element :2300 / 3000W(dia 11")+ 2 x 1800 / 2100W(dia 9.05")+ 2 x 1200 / 1500W(dia 6.88"), rated power 9300W for faster heating up and quick cooking. Save your cooking time and makes it easy to handle multi-person parties.
  • 9 Power Levels for Precise Heating : 9 heating levels settings allow range from melt to rapid boil, perfect for braise, fry, deep fry, stir-fry, roast, and even boil water. Get amazingly fast heat with induction that boils water 50% faster than an old school radiant cooktop.
  • Safe & Secure: Our 36 Induction Cooktop approval by ETL & FCC Certification are fully equipped for safety. With Over-heating Protection, Residual Heat Indicator, Child Lock, and Auto Shutdown, to prevent unintended for added safety. Don't stress over spills with induction's easy-to-clean vitro ceramic glass surface that generates heat only to your pan, not your cooktop, meaning spills can't burn onto the surface.
  • Multiple Function: Smart touch control is easy to use for all family members. 1 to 99 minutes timer, just set the power setting and timer, then let the electric stovetop do the rest. The 36 induction stovetop also design with keep warm function and boost function, with all those functions, makes cooking a pleasant leisure time.
  • More You need to know: The built-in induction cooktop size(LxWxH): 35.43'' x 20.47'' x 2.28'', Cut out size: 33.86'' x 19.29'', 220~240V, 38.75~40 Amp, 50/60Hz. Space save smoothtop style induction stove work with stainless steel and cast-iron cookware. The Sincreative Induction Cooktop 5 burners offer ONE-YEAR Warranty and great customer service.

About this item

  • ★Excellent Capability With Upgraded Version Booster Function -The IsEasy cooktop stove electric 36 Inch offers 9 adjustable levels of heat from simmering to boiling. It could meet your diverse cooking needs. this induction cooker total power is 8600W. Top Left: 1800W BOOSTER:2000W, Top Right: 1200W BOOSTER:1500W, Middle:2000W BOOSTER:2200W, Down Left: 1200W BOOSTER:1500W, Down Right: 1800W BOOSTER:2000W.
  • ★Safe & Secure -TheIsEasy cooktop stove electric has the over heat protection, which the hob will automatically turn off when the stove temperature crosses the safe level, and a hot surface warning indicator which will display an “H” while the surface is still hot.
  • ★Multiple Function -IsEasy cooktop 36 electric is a good partner for cooking. The timer of 1-99min makes cooking a pleasant leisure time. Besides, This cooktop has residual heat indicator and child lock function. It could perfectly solve the problems you may meet in cooking.
  • ★Widely Used -The built-in Induction stovetop is suitable for pans made of iron, stainless steel and alloy. You can use the induction cooktop both built-in and countertop. Note: Just simply touching the keys in the control panel you can activate the functions.
  • ★Easy to Maintain -The electric stove induction surface is made of tempered glass which is easy to maintain. You just need to scrub it with some dish soap. Maximum Power Rating: 8600 Watts. Rating voltage :220V-240V , 50/60 Hz . Product size:35.43"W x20.47" Dx2.72"H.Cut out size:34.25" Wx19.49"D

Product Description

  • Features: Five elements let you cook more at once Our powerful 3,200-watt element lets you boil water in less than three minutes Flexible elements expand to meet your cooking needs most existing cook top openings Controls on the front of the cook top allow you to adjust the temperature without reaching for hot objects Easily go from hot to boiling For a better looking and more cook top easy to clean Light on the hob lets you know when the surface is hot Hobs are approved for installation above any Frigidaire electric wall Ovens covered under a 1-year warranty Specifications: Left rear burner watt: 3200 Watt right rear burner: 1800 Watt central burner: 3000 Watt left front burner: 1200 Watt right front burner: 1200 Number of burners: 5 Type of e Fuel: Electric Hot Surface Lights: Yes Cutout Depth: 19-5/8" Cutout Height: 5" Cutout Width: 33-7/8" Depth: 21-3/8" Height: 2-5/ 8" Width: 36 - 3/4" Amperage: 37.5, 43.3 A Voltage: 208, 240 V

About this item

  • Quick Boil Element
  • Keep Warm Zone
  • SpaceWise Expandable Element
  • Ceramic Glass Cooktop

About this item

  • Product Dimensions: 36 in. W x 21 in. D x 2.12 in. H, Cutout Dimensions: 35.22 in W x 19.87 in D. Minimum circuit breaker amperage 50A, 240V hard wiring included, Designed and Engineered in USA with 2 Years US Based Manufacture Warranty.
  • Two 15 in. x 8 in. Flexi bridge burners allow you to control two heating elements simultaneously to evenly heat large cookware or griddles up to 11,000 Btu/s with booster. It's good for oversized cooking. The auto shutdown features will protect you if you forget to turn off.
  • This Empava Induction cooktop features an 11 in. center element up to 13,000 Btu/s, Two 8 in. burners up to 9,000 Btu/s each, Two 7 in. burners up to 7,000 Btu/s each in Power Boost Mode up to 5 minutes. Compatible to install above any Empava 24/30 in. under-counter single wall oven.
  • The built-in digital display timer (up to 99 minutes) can be set to turn one or more cooking zone off, each cooking zone has individual timer setting. You can set it to turn the cooking zone off automatically after your setting time is up, rest and enjoy the rare leisure time! It will help you to cook perfectly and accurately.
  • Hot Surface indicator - An "H" will appear in the surface cooking area display as long as any surface cooking area is too hot to touch, even after the surface cooking area(s) is turned off. With induction cooking, heat is generated directly in the cookware, so the cooktop stays cooler to the touch, with child safety lock making it safer.
  • Flush with the countertop and are designed for a sleek built-in appearance. The reasonable cooking zone layout make sure there's enough space between burners to use several pots at once without pushing one off-center. The flawless vitro-ceramic glass surface withstands intense heat without cracking or chipping.
  • Enjoy minimal cleanup with the smooth surface vitro-ceramic induction cooktop by Empava to prevent food from falling into them. Stain and heat discoloration resistant glass surface will provide you with a reliable cooktop for years to come. Compatible with the most stainless steel and cast-iron cookware.

About this item

  • USA and Canada ETL certified electric stove induction cooktop by Empava appliances with 2-years US based manufacturer warranty
  • Product dimension 36 in W x 21 in D x 2-5/16 in H, cutout dimensions 33-7/8 in W x 19-5/16 in D
  • Hardwired- 3 copper wire cable from home power supply, 220~240 Volts, 50 amps breaker
  • 5 Induction cooking zones includes a 3,700W power boost element for faster boil times
  • Easy-to-clean vitro ceramic smooth surface glass will provide you with a reliable cooktop for years to come
  • Superior induction technology allows for a more heat and energy efficient experience compared to gas or electric cooking
  • Compatible to install above any Empava 24/30 in. under-counter single wall oven, most stainless steel and cast-iron cookware are induction compatible

The Complete Guide to Cooktops with Induction Technology

Cooktops with induction technology offer several benefits over traditional cooktops, such as lower energy consumption, less heat transfer and faster cooking times.

What is an Induction Cooktop and How Does it Work?

An induction cooktop is a type of cooking appliance that uses electromagnetic induction to heat food. It works by passing an electric current through the pan, heating it up so that it becomes hot enough to cook the food in.

Induction cooktops can be found in a variety of different types and sizes. They are used for cooking food that is not in liquid form, such as meat, vegetables, and other foods.

Cooktops work by alternating between two magnetic fields - one high-intensity and one low-intensity. The induction cooktop warms up the pan placed on the hot surface of the cooktop.

Induction cooktops are becoming more popular as they offer more benefits than traditional stovetops and ovens. They have a faster cooking time and lower energy consumption than their counterparts.

How Induction Cooking Works?

Induction cooking is the process of cooking food by first bringing it to a boil in a pot, then switching to a lower heat source. This process uses an electric coil to generate magnetic fields which heats the pot. The heat causes water molecules in the pot to vibrate and create heat energy that is transferred through the coil.

Induction cooking allows you to cook food faster, more efficiently, and with greater control than traditional cooking methods. It also allows you to cook at any angle since there are no hot or cold spots on the pan.

What are the Best Cooktops with Induction Technology in the Market?

It is important for a cooktop to be of the highest quality in order to provide efficient cooking and baking. It should be able to make the food cooked on it taste better and also have a long life.

The best induction cooktops in the market are those that have an induction technology that is safe, quick, and easy to use. These cooktops are also able to provide more even cooking than traditional gas or electric cooktops.

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