10 Best Beverage Refrigerators Under $100 Of 2022 - Top Picks

Need to replace your old outdated refrigerator? Or maybe you're a soda collector who wants the perfect home for their collectibles. No matter the reason, these are the best beverage refrigerators under $100 on Amazon.

Whether you're looking for a white refrigerator or just a standard ketchup red one, doesn't matter! These affordable refrigerators are sure to have what you need.

If you're looking for something affordable, these beverage refrigerators are it. With easily cleanable surfaces and low energy consumption, these kitchen appliances are perfect.

It's time to get a new fridge! These affordable beverage refrigerators are the best on Amazon with tons of great reviews.

Review: Top 10 Best Beverage Refrigerators under $100

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Product Description

  • Astral 10 Liter Fridge Sleek and compact
  • Perfect mini fridge for home and on the go,
  • Keep your favorite foods and drinks hot or cold and ready to serve!
  • Store your personal care products and cosmetics, so they are fresh and ready to use at all times!
  • Use 100-120V household power or 12V car power with the included AC/DC power adapters.
  • With a variety of colors and styles available, choose an option that matches your unique style!
  • Be reassured with your silent and energy-efficient mini-fridge.

About this item


  • Convenient & Lightweight Refrigerator: The AstroAI 10-liter thermoelectric cooler/warmer mini fridge is chic and perfectly portable. Small handle design so that you can lift the mini fridge for bedroom with only one hand.This unit measures 9.8" W x 12.8" D x 13.9" H.
  • Advanced ECO Technology and Noise Reduction Design: The unique semiconductor operation is energy-efficient, ultra-quiet and 100% environmentally friendly. Cooling range: Cool up to 36°F (20°C) below ambient temperature, Heating Range: 140℉ (60℃) Heat.Enjoy cool coke in summer and hot coffee in winter is such a wonderful thing.
  • Compact Size but 10L Large Capacity: The Compact 10L is super-versatile. Use it anywhere to store food, drinks, beer, snacks, breast milk,skincare and medications.Also suitable in car,travel,bedroom,kitchen,dorm.
  • Stylish and Tempered Glass Panel Design:Mini refrigerator is ideal to clean the stains, easy to wipe, scratch and scratch resistance.AstroAI also added internal partitions and side baskets to the portable mini fridge to maximize storage space and provide a better storage location for your food/fruit/drinks/skin care/cosmetics.
  • Home /Car (AC/DC) Adapters:Mini fridge has two power modes, which fully meets people's needs in different scenarios. You can connect the compact refrigerator to a 100-120V home power supply, or you can connect to a 12V car power supply.Believe AstroAI mini fridge can appear in every corner of your life.

About this item

  • Refrigerate and heat. The mini fridge has the switch from heating to cooling. Cooling capacity: 32.4ºF below ambient temperature. Warming capacity: 140ºF-149ºF. When cooling, the green indicator on, when heating, the red indicator on
  • AC/DC adapters included. Easy to go from indoor 120V (AC) to car use by plugging the appliance into the car cigarette 12V (DC) adapter. Also great for use on boats, RVs and while camping or picnicking
  • Super quiet. No worry for noises, too quiet when working to make you notice it
  • Reasonable design. The size of mini fridge is easy for carrying: 6L/0.21Cuft/8 CAN-8.19'*11.02'*12.01'
  • Widely use and portable. There is a handle on the top of the fridge for your convenience. It can use in car/ home /office, and on the boat

About this item

  • COOL TO WARM : You can put your stuff to keep cool or warm with this fridge at home or in your car. Cooling temperature 77°F (15-25 ℃) lower than room temperature and Heating temperature up to 140 °F (60 ℃ / ± 5 ℃)
  • COMPACT SIZE: The 10-liter capacity fridge chills six 12-oz. soda cans. You can store small items such as yogurt, fruit, milk, juice, smoothies, bottles, cheese, coffee, and skin-care items.
  • AC/DC PLUGS: Two plugs are included for both standard wall outlets and 12V cigarette lighters in vehicles.
  • MULTI-USE: Gift for you who have everything. Samples for Multi-use; as car and truck accessories. Can be used for home office, bedroom or travel to keep inside beverages & foods, breast milk, skincare, cosmetic, or medications. Size: approx. 7.5 x 7.5 x 12.2 inches.
  • ADVANTAGES: We are located and operated in TEXAS, USA and we will be shipping your orders from our TEXAS, USA warehouse. We ship all the paid (till 2.00 pm) orders the same day with the trusted shipping companies.

About this item

  • 【Premium Material】Adopts ABS material, eco-friendly, healthy and safe, temperature-resisting, durable and anti-aging
  • 【Premium Material】Adopts ABS material, eco-friendly, healthy and safe, temperature-resisting, durable and anti-aging
  • 【Easy to Operation】Easy to operate, plug and play, just plug into the 12V cigarette lighter socket in your car
  • 【Food WarmerandCooler】Equipped with refrigeration and heating functions which can meet your different demands, environmental protection and energy-saving
  • 【Easy to Clean】Easy to clean, its moderate size fits perfectly on your seat or center console, compact and space-saving
  • 【6L Capacity】Has 6L big capacity, perfect to store drinks, beers, snacks and meals for camping, picnic and other outdoor activities

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  • Semiconductor refrigeration is a kind of refrigeration technology which produces negative thermal resistance, which is characterized by non-moving parts and high reliability.
  • Peltier cooleradopts imported aluminum plate, have good cooling effect, cooling fast.
  • Surface large fins design of thermoelectric peltier refrigeration, four - tube radiating, quick heat dissipation.
  • Peltier module refrigerator cooling system is mainly used in refrigerator heat dissipation,Simple operation, strong practicability.
  • We have a strong customer service team, welcome to contact Astyer if you have any question.

Choosing The Best Beverage Refrigerators under $100 For Your Kitchen

There are many different types of refrigerators on the market and it can be difficult to decide which one is the best. There are a few things that we need to consider when buying a refrigerator.

The first thing we should look at is the size of the refrigerator. It needs to be big enough for your family and groceries, but also not too big that it takes up too much space in your kitchen.

The second thing we need to consider is whether or not it has an ice maker, water dispenser, and temperature control features. The last thing we need to think about is how much you want to spend on your new refrigerator.

There are many different types of refrigerators out there, so do your research before making a decision!

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What are the Best Brands of Refrigerators with Excellent Features and Quality?

Refrigerators are the most important appliances in the kitchen because they keep food fresh and cool. It is important to find a brand that offers excellent features, quality, and durability.

The best brands of refrigerators with excellent features are Whirlpool, GE, Frigidaire, and Samsung. Whirlpool has been a top brand for decades now and continues to innovate new products. GE also has had a long history of producing quality products with its appliances being featured on TV shows like "The Big Bang Theory". Frigidaire also is known for its innovative designs as well as great performance. Samsung has been around for over 50 years and is still going strong today with their high-end technology that keeps their appliances running smoothly.

How To Clean an Air Filter in an Appliance Like a Fridge or Freezer?

Cleaning an air filter in a refrigerator or freezer can be a daunting task. It is usually hard to get the filter off, and it is difficult to clean it properly.

However, there are some simple tricks that can help you clean your air filter without any problems at all. Here are some of the best ways to clean your air filter in a fridge or freezer:

1) Remove the old filter and replace it with a new one. This will help you avoid any problems later on.

2) Clean the filters with water and vinegar solution that has been boiled for 10 minutes. This will remove any dirt that might have accumulated on the filters over time.

3) Clean out the area around the filters by using soap and water solution or dishwashing liquid with water, as long as it doesn't contain bleach.

4) If you have a window unit, make sure the filters are clean by running the air inside for ten minutes and then through the filter. This will help keep your home cool and comfortable.

5) Remove all food from the shelves of your fridge or freezer and clean them out to avoid any food crumbs getting into the air filter.

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