Top 12 Best Portable Clothes Washing Machines Under $200 Of 2023

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Surfing our blog article is the simplest way to find the Best Portable Clothes Washing Machines Under $200 for you. We offer reviews, shopping advice, and other information to help you discover specifically what you're hunting. If you're still confused about which thing to buy, we're here to help you. Our team of professionals has researched, tested, and analyzed the top products, we found 12 quality products from 17,663 customer reviews through our big data system. We've put together a list of the year's best-selling products from well-known brands, such as Giantex, Arlime, Aodailihb, Toread, Auertech, Vcj, Pyle, Nictemaw, Swagitloud, Kuppet. Get Best Portable Clothes Washing Machines Under $200 for you today!

Best Portable Clothes Washing Machines Under $200

According to our research, we think the Best Portable Clothes Washing Machines Under $200 is Giantex EP21684. Scroll through the rest of our list and check out the buying guide if you're not sure what to look for!

TOP Choice #1

Giantex Portable Mini Compact Twin Tub Washing Machine 17.6lbs Washer Spain Spinner Portable Washing Machine, Blue+ White

Brand: Giantex, Warranty: , Color: White & Blue, Size: 1 Unit
Height: 28.50 Inches, Width: 15.00 Inches, Length: 24.80 Inches, Weight: 28.00 Pounds
ftb score rating icon 9.7
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  • 【Semi-Automatic Design Relieves You from Hand Washing】: Using this washing machine, you can set washer timer to15 min and spin timer to 5 minutes per load. You could choose the suitable time when washing based on clothes types. Different from common standard washing machines, you have much more freedom and options to make preprogrammed settings.
  • 【17.6LBS Large Capacity】: Washing tub: place clothing in the wash tub section, rated washing capacity: 11 lbs. Run the rinse cycle for the desired minutes, Rated spinner dryer capacity: 6.6 lbs (half of the washing capacity, you may spin twice).
  • 【300W Wash Power &110W Spin Power】: Ideal for small loads. Delicate and light weight makes the washer easily moveable as you need. The wash motor is also powerful. 300w washing power & 110w spinner power will help you save much effort on washing.
TOP Choice #2

ARLIME Portable Clothes Washing Machine, 17.6lbs Mini Twin Tub Washer & Spinner Dryer Combo Compact Washer (11lbs) & Spin Dryer (6.6lbs) Sets Laundry Machine W/Time Control for Apartments, Dorms, Bathroom or RV Camping

Brand: ARLIME, Warranty: , Color: White+Blue, Size: 24.8''x15''x28.3''
Height: 28.50 Inches, Width: 24.80 Inches, Length: 15.00 Inches, Weight: 28.20 Pounds
ftb score rating icon 9.5
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  • 【Portable & Compact Laundry Machine】This portable washing machine features a space-saving and lightweight ABS body design which easy to move and use in a limited space. Perfect for Apartments, Dorms, Bathrooms, College Rooms, RV Camping, etc. Save your time and money to go to the laundry room, enjoy your own private laundry space.
  • 【Considerable Design & Energy Saving】Saving more water and energy as opposed to standard washing machines that have pre-program settings. Durable ABS material ensures this mini washer and dryer will never be rust, always quiet, neat, and clean. The light blue lid design, allows you to see and monitor washing conditions. 21 inches gravity drain tube is not only energy saving but also quiet.
  • 【Large Capacity & Easy Operation】Total capacity: 18 lbs (washer:11 lbs,dryer:7 lbs). Compact but enough space for most family daily laundry needs and even for larger garments like jeans or bed sheets. Simply put clothes in the washer, fill with water, set the timer and start washing, and then move them to the dryer for 2-5 mins.
TOP Choice #3

AODAILIHB Portable Washing Machine, Mini Washer Twin Tub Washer with Spin Dryer, 13lbs Capacity Washer(8Lbs) and Spinner(5Lbs), Built-in Drain Pump, Compact Washing Machine for Apartment, Dorm and RV (Black, 13LBS)

Brand: AODAILIHB, Warranty: , Color: Black, Size: 13LBS
Height: 25.00 Inches, Width: 14.00 Inches, Length: 20.00 Inches, Weight: 25.00 Pounds
ftb score rating icon 9.4
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  • 【Considerable After-sale Service】If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the seller (via email), we will respond within 24hrs and help you solve it.
  • 【Powerful Dual Motor】Equipped with 240W washing power and 120W spinning power, the washing machine meets the performance requirements a powerful turbine offers high-efficient swirl washing to your clothes. The high-speed spinning can clean the dirt effectively and dry the clothes quickly.
  • 【Compact & Portable】AODAILIHB Portable Washing Machine, Total capacity is 13 lbs, portable washer 8 lbs and spin dryer 5 lbs. The compact design makes this Twin Tub Washer lightweight and easy to carry, suitable for dorms, apartments, home, RV’s, camping trips or anywhere with limited space.
TOP Choice #4

Giantex Washing Machine, Twin Tub Washer and Dryer Combo, 20Lbs Capacity (12Lbs Washing and 8Lbs Spinning), Compact Portable Mini Laundry Washer for Apartment, Semi-Automatic, Inlet and Drain Hose

Brand: Giantex, Warranty: , Color: Gray & White, Size: 24.8"L×15"D×28.5"H
Height: 28.50 Inches, Width: 15.00 Inches, Length: 24.80 Inches, Weight: 12.00 Pounds
ftb score rating icon 9.2
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  • 【Washing Clean Function】: The more powerful is the motor, the cleaner is your washed clothes. We specially customize a super powerful motor to give you impressive clean washing. This high-quality motor failure rate is lower than others and also more power-saving.
  • 【Powerful Spin Dryer】: The superb efficient spin dryer can dry your clothes quickly, taking 97% of the water out!!! You will be surprised by this powerful working.
  • 【Large Load Capacity】: It holds 20lbs (12lbs for washing and 8lbs for spinning) for each load which is spacious enough for your loads. If you live in an apartment, this is a must buy for you because it is space-saving and also works relatively quiet for you.

TOREAD Portable Small Washing Machine, 13.5Lbs Mini Compact Washer and Dryer Combo, 2 in 1 Apartment Washers with Twin Tub and Drain Pump for Laundry, Dorms, College, RV, Camping

Brand: TOREAD, Warranty: , Color: Grey, Size:
Height: 22.80 Inches, Width: 21.30 Inches, Length: 14.20 Inches, Weight: 22.00 Pounds
ftb score rating icon 9.1
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  • 【Specifications & Warm Note 】Designed of High-density plastic body + Aluminum pump +Stainless steel spin tub+ Upgraded motor , make it well built to use for several years.What’s more,warm note for you, press well the water cover on the garments strike the machine while drying.Never drying while drain,should finish drain and move the garments into the drying tube to avoid damage the machine.
  • 【Twin Tub Portable Laundry Machine】This product designed with twin tub,allowing you to wash and spin clothes at the same time.Our compact washing with lightweight only 9 pounds,suitable for dorms, apartments, condos, RV’s, camping trips or anywhere with limited space!
  • 【Separate time control】The twin tub washing machine equipped with two separate timer control.Wash timer runs for up to 15 minutes and the spin cycle timer runs for up to 5 minutes each load. You can operate the washer or spinner separately according to your different needs.3 different washing methods can meet for your washing needs conveniently,gently,normal wash and spin.

Auertech Portable Washing Machine, 14lbs Mini Twin Tub Washer Compact Laundry Machine with Built-in Gravity Drain Time Control, Semi-automatic 9lbs Washer 5lbs Spinner for Dorms, Apartments, RVs

Brand: Auertech, Warranty: , Color: White, Size: 14lbs capacity
Height: 23.00 Inches, Width: 14.00 Inches, Length: 22.00 Inches, Weight: 22.00 Pounds
ftb score rating icon 9.0
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  • 👕【Powerful Performance】Equipped with a 1300 rpm powerful motor, clothes can be washed quickly and efficiently. Washer: 9 lbs, Spin Cycle: 5 lbs. The transparent window allows you to see the process of washing or spinning. Our mini washer machine can achieve low consumption and save water, while free your hands.
  • 👕【User-friendly Design】Thanks to the high quality PP body, this washing machine is lightweight, does not deform and rust easily, and has a long service life. The washer produces the powerful water flow that effectively cleans clothes and reduces wear. It is equipped with a drain hose to easily drain out dirty water.
  • 👕【Time & Space Saver】The washing cycle is up to 15 minutes and the spinning cycle is up to 5 minutes each load, it could save your valuable time. The size of 22" x 14" x 23" inches is suitable for limited space. No installation is required. NOTE: Feel free to contact us if you have any problems, we will respond within 24hrs and resolve the problems as the way you want.

VCJ Portable Washing Machine, Twin Tub Washing Machine Laundry Compact Washer spinner Combo with 20lbs capacity, 12Lbs Washer and 8Lbs Spinner dryer for Apartments RVs and Dorms

Brand: VCJ, Warranty: , Color: White,Blue, Size: 20lbs Capacity
Height: 28.20 Inches, Width: 14.40 Inches, Length: 25.20 Inches, Weight: 20.00 Pounds
ftb score rating icon 8.9
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  • 【Save Time & Bills】 Washer control timer runs for up to 15 minutes while the spin cycle timer runs for up to 5 minutes each load. Feel free to choose any time to wash.The size of 24.5" x 14.5" x 27.5" inches is suitable for limited space. No installation is required.  Easy to move and transport to anywhere, lightweight and space-saving design allows it easily fit in a bathroom or closet, ideal for camping trips, dormitories, apartments,etc.
  • 【100% Satisfaction Guarantee】: 1× Compact washer,1× inlet hose,1× drain hose,1× manual. Feel free to contact us via email If you have any question, we will response asap
  • 【Twin Tub Design】Wash capacity: 12 lbs, Spin capacity: 8 lbs. This washer is perfect for washing small and medium loads such as shirts, underwear and baby clothes.

Giantex Portable Washing Machine, 26lbs Washer and Spinner Combo,18 lbs Washing 8 lbs Spinning, Built-in Drain Pump, w/Timer Control, Dorm Apartment Twin Tub Mini Laundry Washer Blue White

Brand: Giantex, Warranty: , Color: , Size:
Height: 32.00 Inches, Width: 27.50 Inches, Length: 16.00 Inches, Weight:
ftb score rating icon 8.7
Our Score


  • [Versatile Application]: Apartment, dormitory, RV and home
  • [Highly Efficient Laundry]: washing power (280W) and spinning power (140W)
  • [Separate Time Control]: washing time (0-15 minutes), spinning time (0-5 minutes)

Compact Home Washer & Dryer, 2 in 1 Portable Mini Washing Machine, Twin Tubs, 11lbs. Capacity, 110V, Spin Cycle w/ Hose, Translucent Tub Container Window, Ideal for Smaller Laundry Loads

Brand: Pyle, Warranty: , Color: Dark Gray, Size:
Height: 23.60 Inches, Width: 22.20 Inches, Length: 13.90 Inches, Weight: 7.70 Pounds
ftb score rating icon 8.5
Our Score


  • EASY TO USE: The portable washer dryer features a convenient top loading system. Simply insert detergent and water into the portable washer dryer combo. A power cord and drain hose are included
  • ROTARY CONTROLS: The portable washer machine features rotary controls for wash timer, program and drain selector, as well as a spin timer
  • MINI WASHING MACHINE: The portable clothes washer has a high-powered 250-watt motor and a capacity of 7.7 lbs. Watch your clothes get clean with a translucent tub container window

Nictemaw Portable Washing Machine, 16Lbs Capacity Twin Tub Washer and Dryer Combo, 2 in 1 Mini Washer with Built-in Drain Pump/Time Control, Semi-Auto 11Lbs Washer 5Lbs Spinner for Home/Apartments

Brand: Nictemaw, Warranty: 2- years warranty, Color: White & Blue, Size: 16Lbs
Height: 25.80 Inches, Width: 22.60 Inches, Length: 14.20 Inches, Weight:
ftb score rating icon 8.4
Our Score


  • 🎽【US STOCK AND SINCERE SERVICES】: This washer Built to North American Electrical Standards and US stock makes delivery very quickly. We provide two years’ warranty, satisfactory or full money back in 30 days. Therefore please get it with mind free. Welcome to contact our customer service email if any problems.
  • 👚【TWIN TUB WASHING DESIGN】: This mini portable washing machine is designed with Twin Tub, which can save your precious time by washing and spinning dry loads at the same time. You can move clothes directly from the washer to the spinner, or run both tubs together to finish your laundry. It has a cover plate when you use the spin tub, can easily put above the cloths and avoid the high speed throw away. The machine does not have the drying function, it is dried by high-speed rotation, and can throw away 95% of the water on the clothes.
  • 👗【LARGE CAPACITY AND SPACE SAVING】: Total capacity: 16lbs(washer:11lbs, spin tub:5lbs), for doing light to medium laundry loads. You can wash the clothes of the whole family at the same time! What’s more, it’s easy to move and transport to anywhere, lightweight and space-saving design allows it easily fit in a bathroom or closet, ideal for camping trips, dormitories, or anywhere with limited space.

Garatic Portable Compact Mini Twin Tub Washing Machine w/Wash and Spin Cycle, Built-in Gravity Drain, 13lbs Capacity For Camping, Apartments, Dorms, College Rooms, RV’s, Delicates and more

Brand: SWAGITLOUD, Warranty: , Color: White,Blue, Size:
Height: , Width: , Length: , Weight: 24.25 Pounds
ftb score rating icon 8.2
Our Score



KUPPET Compact Twin Tub Portable Mini Washing Machine 26lbs Capacity, Washer(18lbs)&Spiner(8lbs)/Built-in Drain Pump/Semi-Automatic (White&Gray)

Brand: KUPPET, Warranty: , Color: Gray, Size:
Height: 31.90 Inches, Width: 16.10 Inches, Length: 27.40 Inches, Weight: 26.00 Pounds
ftb score rating icon 8.0
Our Score


  • 🔄【Built-in Drain Pump】Built-in drain pump drains dirty water by more longer drainage tube from washer. Drainage tube dimensions: 56.3", more easier, suitable for most family. Easy storage and space saving design.
  • ⏱【Timer Control & Powerful Performance】Separate timer control for wash and spin operations. Wash timer for 15 min and spin timer for 5 minutes per load, You can set the time according to the amount of your clothes ,this unit features a 1300RPM powerful motor with a max frequency of 60Hz. Save your time and wash more clean!
  • ✅【Easy Operation】 Simple design of the operation panel, wash timing, wash options, drain options, and spin timing, more easier to use. Allows you to simply put in your load of clothes, fill with water, set the timer and start washing, completely suitable for everywhere!
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1. What Are The 3 Types Of Washing Machine?

The main washing machine types include front-load washing machines, top-load models with an agitator or impeller, stacked laundry centers, all-in-one combination washers and dryers, as well as compact or portable washing machines. Some washing machine models are also energy-efficient or Energy Star certified.

2. Does A Portable Washer Need A Hookup?

Portable washing machines work just like standard clothes washers, with a few small differences. Instead of connecting to a dedicated water inlet and drain, a portable washer fills via a temporary hookup to a faucet, showerhead, or hose.

3. What Is A Washing Machine?

These units are designed to move from a storage area such as a closet, to a kitchen, or bathroom, where you can hook one up to a faucet and start washing clothes. However, portable washer machines are small and capacity therefore, they should be used only when you don't have space for a full sized machine.

4. How Does A Portable Washing Machine Hook Up?

There should be a hose attached to your portable washer. This hose will be screwed onto your kitchen's faucet in order to fill the machine with water to wash the clothing. Hook the hose up to a faucet in your kitchen or bathroom and turn the water on. Use the water temperature that works best for your clothing type.

5. How Do You Dry Clothes After Portable Washer?

Drying your clothes In the winter, your best bet is a laundry drying rack. The Amazon Basics Foldable Clothes Drying Rack is the perfect size for a single load of laundry in a portable washer. It also collapses nearly flat for easy storage when not in use.


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The Best Portable Clothes Washing Machines Under $200 are available for purchase. We have researched hundreds of brands and picked the top brands of fuel transfer tanks, including Giantex, Arlime, Aodailihb, Toread, Auertech, Vcj, Pyle, Nictemaw, Swagitloud, Kuppet

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